Support Pubs Event

Once more, instead of our Festival, we are running a Support Pubs Event in 2021, and extending it to all the main towns in the Branch.  It’s on the same dates – 8-12 September – and is intended to give a boost to Shropshire’s magnificent pubs, which, like all others, have had a hard time lately.  We have produced maps showing the pubs within easy walk of the town centres, and intend to have as near to a real-time beer list as we can manage.  In Shrewsbury, which has a lot of pubs in a small area we have suggested routes with maps and pub details.  At the moment, your walk will be self-guided, but if restrictions allow we hope in the future to be able to offer socially distanced guides for small groups.
Please observe all remaining Covid-19 guidelines on your walk and follow the rules in each pub – they are there for your safety and that of your fellow drinkers.

Look out for these leaflets in local pubs
the leaflet includes the map of venues. Green dots are pubs doing something a bit different over the week. Of course, you can use this anytime you are in the town!

If you are going to print out the leaflet including the map, it’s probably best to download it in pdf format, which you can do here:

Spoiled by the choice of 72 pubs? Here are some suggested routes! Each starts on a bus route out of town and suggests a mix of great pubs as you walk or bus back in. The routes cover Abbey Foregate (with a diversion to The Abbey), the main road to the west, Copthorne Rd, the route to the east, a route from the north and one to the south.

Here are the downloadable PDFs of the routes:

Other Shropshire Town Maps:

All, Church and Little Stretton




3 thoughts on “Support Pubs Event

  1. I have just completed photographing 90 Shrewsbury pubs and cocktail bars. Any information you can send me would be appreciated before I post on Facebook! Thanks
    David Morgan


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