Shropshire Brewers Cup

2017 Winner:

Shropshire Legends Brewery  (Raven’s Bowl)

2nd was Chapel Brewery (Holy Grail)

3rd was Salopian Brewery (Oracle)


Previous Winners:


2016 Three Tuns Brewery (Cleric’s Cure)






2015 Salopian Brewery (Kashmir)





2014 Salopian Brewery (The Bends)




2013 Chapel Brewery (Miracle)




2012 Three Tuns Brewery (Stout)





2011 Shires Brewery (Redneck)



2010 Corvedale Brewery



2009 Ironbridge Brewery

2008 Ludlow Brewery

2007 Stonehouse Brewery

2006 Salopian Brewery

See the Brewery Map page for the location of all current Breweries (or the Brewery History page for some older ones)