Shrewsbury Beer Festival

Shrewsbury Beer Festival 2018 will be held 19-21st July at the same venue as 2017.

More details will be posted here in the coming months.




Updates, ideas and gossip will be posted on our Festival Facebook Page. In the meantime, if you are a CAMRA member who would like to volunteer to work at the festival for a few hours, please email

The venue’s postcode is SY2 6AA. It’s about 350 yards further from the station, but there’s a bus (No1) which goes past the door and runs until 9pm (ish). There’s parking nearby if you have a designated driver.


Our facebook Festival Page is here.                        Our  Festival Twitter feed is here.

In the meantime, for news of other beer festivals in Shrewsbury, Shropshire & surrounding counties during the rest of the year,

See our local Beer Festivals page 


Shrewsbury Beer Festival 2017 summary




20 thoughts on “Shrewsbury Beer Festival

  1. Hi,
    I attended the Shrewsbury Beer Festival on 22nd July and was signed up as a member of CAMRA by a charmi8ng lady in the foyer. However, I have heard nothing since confirming my membership and was wondering if you would please chase up my application to see what is happening.
    Regards Daniel Worsley


    • Apologies for the delay, but this is normal I’m afraid. New applications are grouped together and have to be sent to our HQ in St Albans. Added to that, this is one of their busiest times of year, with the Great British Beer Festival being next week. So, bear with us, you should have your temporary Membership card anyway, and you can follow our activities on this website or Facebook (ShrewsburyWestShropshireCamra) to see what is happening locally.


  2. I am bringing a big group to the town on the 22nd and need a 6 Pub crawl .
    I intend to start at the old shrews fan base pub , the one with a bowling green by a former mailings. I then need five more to get (leisurely ) back to the station for 6pm. The festival is unlikely as not everyone is a member, so pubs will do..
    Any suggestions good folk of Shrewsbury, but 6 only.
    Thanks Steve Heighton Rugby


    • It’s the sort of question that everyone will have a different answer to, but I’ll have a go. Your starting pub is the Prince of Wales, a fairly simple route after that would be Cross Foxes – Nags Head – Three Fishes – Coach & Horses – Salopian Bar. But other pubs such as the Admiral Benbow and Montgomerys Tower (Wetherspoons) could be easily be slotted in as replacements for the above.


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