GBG 2018 and PoTY/CoTY/CPoTY 2017

Shrewsbury and West Shropshire CAMRA Branch members can return your nominations for the Good Beer Guide and Pubs/Club of the Year in any one of five ways.  It goes without saying that you should only nominate/vote for pubs which you have visited in the last 12 months, although you need not have scored the beer there.

(i)    Online, through a Survey Monkey survey at You will need a current CAMRA membership number.  You can leave and return to your survey at any time until you click the “done” button on the final page.

(ii)    Electronically, by downloading the Excel voting form and emailing a completed version to gbg-2018-and-poty-voting-spreadsheet-january-2017

(iii)   By downloading the Excel or PDF voting form posting or handing a completed version to me, Norrie Porter, at 23 Cleveland Street, Shrewsbury, SY2 5DN.  If you reply this way, you must include your current CAMRA membership number. gbg-2018-and-poty-voting-spreadsheet-january-2017          gbg-2018-and-poty-voting-pdf-january-2017

If you vote by (i), (ii) or (iii) your vote must be received by 18 February 2017.

(iv)   In person at the Branch meeting on 1 February 2017 at the Olde Buck’s Head,  Shrewsbury, starting at 8pm.  Bring your membership card.

(v)    By Proxy.  A member of your family, or a member of the Branch Executive* can cast your votes on your behalf if you pass your preferences to them before the meeting.  They will need your membership number.

*Branch Executive members are Norrie Porter, John Lewis, Nigel Bevan, Jonny Sutton, Dave Ricketts, Dave Roll, Tim Hockenhull, Pete Duckers, Steve Wood, Becky Ransley, and Ian Everall.

I’m sorry, but any votes received from anyone who is not a current member of Shrewsbury and West Shropshire CAMRA Branch will not be counted.


The initial list of 2017 GBG Entries and the shortlist of the Pubs/Club of the Year categories will be announced at the Executive meeting on 20 February.  The winners in the Pubs/Club of the Year categories will be announced at the Branch Meeting on 1 March. Results are communicated in confidence and under embargo until (i) the press release of the Pubs/Club of the Year outcomes and (ii) the publication of the Good Beer Guide 2018 in September (this is because changes of ownership or management can affect inclusion up until the final copy date).