Branch Meeting Venues

Below is a list of the venues used by Shrewsbury & West Shropshire CAMRA for their Branch Meetings since Jan 2012. (If you have any suggestions for suitable venues for future meetings, please leave a comment below)

Venue  No. of meetings Last mtg
Abbey (Shrewsbury)  2 Aug 2016
Admiral Benbow (Shrewsbury)  12 Mar 2018
Albert’s Shed (Shrewsbury)  1 Sep 2018
Boathouse (Shrewsbury)  3
Bricklayers Arms (Abbey Fgte, Shrewsbury)  1 Aug 2017
Bricklayers Arms (Copthorne, Shrewsbury)  6 Jun 2018
Britannia (Shrewsbury)  1
Dog & Pheasant (Shrewsbury)  6  Sep 2017
Dolphin (Shrewsbury)  1  Oct 2017
Hole in the Wall (Shrewsbury)  1  Jun 2017
Loggerheads (Shrewsbury)  2
Montgomery’s Tower (Shrewsbury)  1
Old Bell (Shrewsbury)  2
Olde Bucks Head (Shrewsbury)  10  Feb 2018
Old Post Office (Shrewsbury)  6  Jan 2018
Prince of Wales (Shrewsbury)  11  Oct 2018
Rock & Fountain (Shrewsbury)  1  Sep 2016
Royal Oak (Shrewsbury)  2  May 2018
Shrewsbury Hotel (Shrewsbury)  1
Vaults (Shrewsbury)  5 Aug 2018
Whitchurch Cricket Club (Whitchurch)  1
Woodman (Shrewsbury)  6  Jul 2018
22 venues  82 mtgs (as of Oct 2018)

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