Mild in May 2017

Our Mild in May Month started on Monday 1st of May with 63 pubs throughout the county taking part. Find a local that is displaying our poster and ask for a passport listing all the pubs that are joining in this Tour of Traditional Milds .

Mild Rosette







Oreton – New Inn (30)                  Missing from Quick Pub List (Page 21)

Oswestry – Bailey Head (31)   Wrongly listed under Oreton on Quick Pub List (Page 21)

Some examples of reported Milds:

Bishop’s Castle – Six Bells (5)  Six Bells Revive
Cardington – Royal Oak (14)  Hobson’s Mild
Clun – Sun (19)  Three Tuns Mild
Ellesmere – White Hart (20)  Hobson’s Mild
Harmer Hill – Red Castle (22)  Hobson’s Mild
Little Stretton – Green Dragon (26)  Hobson’s Mild
Ludlow – Church (28)  Hobson’s Mild
Oswestry – Bailey Head (31)  Castle Rock Henry Normal Golden Mild
 Magpie Four for a Boy
 Salopian Divine Comedy
 Spire Dark Side
 Long Man Mild Man
Oswestry – Wilfred Owen (32)  Wolf Woild Moild
Ratlinghope – Bridges (33)  Three Tuns Mild
Shrewsbury – Abbey (38)  Hobson’s Mild
 Six Bells Revive
Shrewsbury – Admiral Benbow (39)  Hobson’s Mild
Shrewsbury – Bricklayers (40)  Hobson’s Mild
Shrewsbury – Coach & Horses (41)  Hobson’s Mild
 Three Tuns Mild
 Salopian Divine Comedy
Shrewsbury – Dolphin (42)  Elgood’s Black Dog Mild
Shrewsbury – Montgomery’s Tower (43)  Naylor’s Velvet
 Wolf Woild Moild
Shrewsbury – Nag’s Head (44)  Six Bells Revive
 Hobson’s Mild
Shrewsbury – Prince of Wales (45)  Hobson’s Mild
Shrewsbury – Shrewsbury Hotel (46)  Arundel Black Stallion
 Rudgate Ruby Mild
 Wolf Woild Moild
Whitchurch – Black Bear (60)  Big Hand Little Monkey
 Castle Rock Henry Normal Golden Mild
Whitchurch – Old Town Hall Vaults (61)  Elgood’s Black Dog Mild
Bouldon – Tally Ho (BONUS)  Hobson’s Mild
Shrewsbury – Royal Oak (BONUS)  Black Country Pig on the Wall

Some examples of Stouts & Porters also seen in May:

Bishop’s Castle – Six Bells (5)  Six Bells Black Echo Stout
Clun – Sun (19)  Three Tuns Stout
Oswestry – Bailey Head (31)  Cornish Crown Chocolate Orange Stout
Oswestry – Wilfred Owen (32)  Purple Moose Dark Side of the Moose Porter
Shrewsbury – Bricklayers (40)  New Brew Stout
Shrewsbury – Dolphin (42)  Nethergate Old Growler Porter
Shrewsbury – Montgomery’s Tower (43)  Titanic Plum Porter
Whitchurch – Black Bear (60)  Dark Star Expresso Stout
 Shropshire Legends Raven’s Bowl Porter
Ludlow – Artisan Ales (BONUS) Salopian Far Side Stout
Ludlow – Rose & Crown (BONUS) Pershore Black Moon Porter
Shrewsbury – Armoury (BONUS) Shropshire Legends Raven’s Bowl Porter
Shrewsbury – Salopian Bar (BONUS) Dark Star Expresso Stout
Hop Back Entire Stout
Big Hand Spectre Stout
Shrewsbury – Three Fishes (BONUS) Young’s Chocolate Stout
Whitchurch – Wheatsheaf (BONUS) Goff’s Black Knight Porter

Mild in May 2016 summary


What We Drink 2017

  Brewery  Main BeerTotal no.of Beer Scores     Salopian   Oracle (155)                   533  
 Three TunsXXX (142)              355    
   Ludlow  Gold (159)                    321   
  HobsonsBest (109)           302   
   StonehouseStation (150)          262   
   Six BellsSpikey Blonde (50)  188  
 Wye Valley  Butty Bach (86)    177   
   Joule’sBlonde (47)   162   
   Banks’s  Bitter/Amber (101)  121  
 Battlefield1066 (44)  98  
 Tim Taylor  Landlord (80)     88  
   RowtonBitter (26)75  
    ClunPale (50)  75  
 A-B InbevBass (68)   68  
    Wood  Shrop Lad (29)    65  
  RingwoodBoondoggle (34)61  
Oakham  Citra (26) 61  
Thwaites  Wainwright (34) 59  
  Marston’s  Pedigree (11)        58   
   Monty’s     MPA (12)46  


Data from beer scores submitted 10/3/2016 to 10/3/2017

Just for fun – the current SAWS Good Brewery Guide (listed by average score, for Breweries with a minimum of 45 scores & Beers with a minimum of 30 scores over the past 12 months (No. of scores in brackets)):


Top Breweries
1Timothy Taylor (88)   
2Oakham (61)   
3Ludlow (321)   
4Salopian (533)   
5Battlefield (98)   
6Hobsons (302)  
7Wye Valley (177)   
8Clun (75)  
9Stonehouse (262) 
10Six Bells  (188)        


Top Beers
1Ludlow Blonde (58)   
2Salopian Hop Twister (32)   
3Timothy Taylor Landlord (80)   
4Three Tuns Stout (37)   
5Salopian Oracle (155)   
6Battlefield 1066 (44)  
7Salopian Lemon Dream (32)   
8Wye Valley Butty Bach (86) 
9Ludlow Gold (159)  
10 Ludlow Best  (35)        


Where We Drink 2017

       Pub Name  ScorersNo. of scores       
Three Fishes (Shrewsbury)         81339  
 Salopian Bar (Shrewsbury)     77225  
Coach &Horses (Shrewsbury)     56103  
Prince of Wales (Shrewsbury)      54122  
Nag’s Head (Shrewsbury)     50134  
Admiral Benbow (Shrewsbury)48143  
Three Tuns (Bishop’s Castle)     42121  
Montgomerys T (Shrewsbury)     41182  
 Queens (Ludlow)                     4154 
Six Bells (Bishop’s Castle)        39124  
Shrewsbury H (Shrewsbury)     3994  
 Railway Shed (Ludlow)           34101  
Rose & Crown (Ludlow)         33105  
Vaults (Shrewsbury)               3384  
Black Bear (Whitchurch)        3249
Bailey Head (Oswestry)         30199  
 Dolphin (Shrewsbury)             2980  
Blue Boar (Ludlow)                 2946
White Hart (Ellesmere)           2883  
 Castle Hotel (Bishop’s Castle)     2851 
 Old Vaults (Whitchurch)            2737
 Loggerheads (Shrewsbury)      26136  
Charlton (Ludlow)                      2637
 Abbey (Shrewsbury)               25127  
Green Dragon (Little Stretton)     2569  
Feathers Hotel (Ludlow)         2547 
Cock/Greyhound (Whitchurch)         2537
Oak (Oswestry)                      2532
Armoury (Shrewsbury)           2447 
Woodman (Shrewsbury)         2366  


Data from beer scores submitted 22/2/2016 to 21/2/2017
NOTE: This list gives a measure of pub popularity, NOT necessarily beer quality.


As you can see below, in total no. of scores order some of the pubs change:

          Pub Name ScorersNo. of scores
Three Fishes (Shrewsbury)         81339  
 Salopian Bar (Shrewsbury)     77225  
Bailey Head (Oswestry)         30199  
Montgomerys T (Shrewsbury)     41182  
Admiral Benbow (Shrewsbury)     48143  
 Loggerheads (Shrewsbury)      26136  
Nag’s Head (Shrewsbury)     50134  
 Abbey (Shrewsbury)               25127  
Six Bells (Bishop’s Castle)       39124  
 Prince of Wales (Shrewsbury)     54122  
 Three Tuns (Bishop’s Castle)     42121  
Rose & Crown (Ludlow)         33105  
Coach &Horses (Shrewsbury)     56103  
Railway Shed (Ludlow)           34101  
Shrewsbury H (Shrewsbury)     3994  
Vaults (Shrewsbury)               3384  
White Hart (Ellesmere)           2883  
Dolphin (Shrewsbury)             2980  
Green Dragon (Little Stretton)     2569  
Woodman (Shrewsbury)         2366  
Cross Foxes (Shrewsbury)                      1560  
 Queens (Ludlow)                     4154
Artisan Ales (Ludlow)             1354 
Castle Hotel (Bishop’s Castle)     2851 
Black Bear (Whitchurch)        3249
 Bricklayers (Copth, S’bury)                       2248 
Beacon (Shrewsbury)            1048 
Feathers Hotel (Ludlow)         2547 
 Armoury (Shrewsbury)           2447 


Where We Live 2017

A rough guide to where Shrewsbury & West Shropshire CAMRA members live by postcode prefix (as of Feb 2017):

SY10 (3%) OswestrySY12 (2%) EllesmereSY13 (7%) Whitchurch
SY11 (6%) OswestrySY4 (6%) Wem
SY1 (31%) ShrewsburySY2 (10%) Shrewsbury
SY3 (15%) ShrewsburySY5 (5%) Pontesbury
SY9 (2%) Bishop’s CastleSY6 (4%) Church Stretton
SY7 (3%) Clun ValleySY8 (5%) Ludlow(1%) Others

This is not a reflection of the total membership of our Branch area, it is just the 85% (approx) who have registered their email address.

Join CAMRA !

The more detailed coverage of each postcode area is as listed below:

SY1 SHREWSBURY Town Centre & North Shrewsbury
SY2 SHREWSBURY East Shrewsbury
SY3 SHREWSBURY South & West Shrewsbury, Bayston Hill
SY4 SHREWSBURY Baschurch, Bomere Heath, Nesscliffe, Shawbury, Wem
SY5 SHREWSBURY Atcham, Cressage, Condover, Minsterley, Pontesbury, Ratlinghope, Westbury
SY6 CHURCH STRETTON Church Stretton, Cardington
SY7 BUCKNELL, CRAVEN ARMS, LYDBURY NORTH Clun Valley, Craven Arms, Clunton, Clun
SY8 LUDLOW Ludlow, Bromfield
SY9 BISHOPS CASTLE Bishop’s Castle, Wentnor
SY10 OSWESTRY Oswestry, Gobowen, Maesbury, Weston Rhyn
SY11 OSWESTRY Oswestry, St Martin’s, West Felton, Whittington
SY12 ELLESMERE Ellesmere, Cockshutt
SY13 WHITCHURCH Whitchurch, Ash Magna, Prees Heath


Real Ale Price Watch (Dec 2017)

In common with all areas throughout the land we see quite a range of Real Ale prices in this Branch area (Shrewsbury & West Shropshire). To illustrate this, some of the extremes of the last year are listed below (price charged per pint, Real Ale only). If you think this is an issue, feel free to give your examples in the ‘Leave a Reply’ box at the bottom of the page and they will be added to the list where appropriate (please do not include use of discounts/vouchers/loyalty cards).

Wilfred Owen (Oswestry) Ruddles Best 3.7% 1.85 (May 17)  
S’bury Hotel (S’bury) Greene King IPA 3.6% 1.99 (Nov 17)
Montgomerys T (S’bury) Greene King IPA 3.6% 1.99 (Nov 17)
Dog &Pheasant (S’bury) Brakspear Oxford G 4.0% 1.99 (Jun 17) Tue only
Bull’s Head (S’bury) Banks’s Amber 3.8% 1.99 (Mar 17) Wed only
Olde Vaults (Oswestry) Offas Dyke Barley G 3.6% 2.00 (May 17)  
Albion Vaults (S’bury) Banks’s Amber 3.8% 2.25 (Nov 17)
Loggerheads (S’bury) Youngs London Gold 4.0% 2.30 (Dec 17) Mon only
Last Orders (Whitchurch) Rowton Port Stout 4.5% 2.30 (Jun 16)
Crown (Coleham, S’bury) Banks’s Amber 3.8% 2.35 (Apr 17)
Coach & Horses (S’bury) Salopian Oracle 4.0% 2.40 (May 17) Happy hr
Salopian (Shrewsbury) Stonehouse Ballast 4.4% 2.48 (Jan 17) Happy hr
Royal Oak (Shrewsbury) BCA Pig on Wall 4.3% 2.50 (Nov 17) M-Fr only
Abbey (Shrewsbury) Rowton Ironbridge 4.4% 2.50 (Nov 17) Mon only
Hole in the Wall (S’bury) Greene King IPA 3.6% 2.50 (Aug 17)
Beacon (Shrewsbury) Salopian Lemon 4.5% 2.50 (Jul 17) Mon only
Battlefield Brew’y (S’bury) Battlefield 1403 4.1% 2.50 (Oct 16)  Fri/Sat
Coracle (Shrewsbury) Banks’s Amber 3.8% 2.50 (Jul 16)
Rock& Fountain(S’bury) Sharps Doom Bar 4.0% 2.60 (Dec 17) Happy hr
Cock/Greyhound (Whitc) Big Bog Porter 4.9% 2.60 (Nov 17)
White Hart (Ellesmere) New Brew Nova Gld 3.8% 2.60 (Sep 17)  
Inn on the Green  (Sbury) Marston’s Saddle T 3.8% 2.60 (Aug 17)  
Plough (Oswestry) Tim Taylor Boltmakr 4.0% 2.60 (May 17)  
Barley Mow (Trefonen) Offas Dyke Talisman 4.0% 2.60 (Mar 17)
Fox Inn (Wem) Ruddles Best 3.7% 2.65 (Dec 16)  
Stables (Craven Arms) Hobsons Best 3.8% 2.70 (Jun 17)
Bailey Head (Oswestry) Magpie 4 for a Boy 3.6% 2.70 (May 17)
Griffin (Oswestry) Stonehouse Station 3.9% 2.70 (Oct 16)
Grove (Shrewsbury) Banks’s Sunbeam 4.2% 3.40 (Dec 17)
Dun Cow (S’bury) Salopian Lemon Drm 4.5% 3.40 (Dec 17)
Nag’s Head (S’bury) Titanic Plum Porter 4.9% 3.40 (Nov 17)
Haughmond (U Magna) Thwaites Lancaster B 4.4% 3.40 (Nov 17)
Dolphin (Shrewsbury) Joules Kolkata 5.0% 3.40 (Oct 17)
Cross Foxes (S’bury) 3 Tuns XXX 4.3% 3.40 (Sep 17)
New Inn (Baschurch) Stonehouse Station 3.9% 3.40 (Sep 17)
Old Post Office (S’bury) Marston’s EPA 3.6% 3.40 (Jul 17)
Wheatsheaf (Whitch’ch) Spitting Feathers Sol 4.1% 3.40 (Jul 17)
King’s Head (S’bury) Marston’s Bass 4.4% 3.40 (Jun 17)
Feathers Hotel (Ludlow) Ludlow Boiling Well 4.7% 3.40 (Sep 16)  
White Horse (S’bury) Salopian Hop Twister 4.5% 3.45 (Jul 17)
Beacon (Shrewsbury) Stonehouse Station 3.9% 3.45 (Apr 17)  Exc Mon
Featherbed (S’bury) Marston’s Shipyard 5.0% 3.45 (Jul 16)
Rose & Crown (Ludlow) Joule’s Slumbering M 4.5% 3.49 (Jun 17)  
Church (Ludlow) Salopian Darwins O 4.3% 3.50 (Nov 17)
Stretton Ale Hse (CStr) Ludlow Stairway 5.0% 3.50 (Nov 17)  
Warehouse (S’bury) Shrew Brew Pale Ale 4.5% 3.50 (Nov 17)  
Castle (Bishops Castle) Salopian Oracle 4.0% 3.50 (Oct 17)  
Station Hotel (S’bury) Salopian Oracle 4.0% 3.50 (Oct 17)  
Chapel Bar (S’bury) 3 Tuns XXX 4.3% 3.50 (Sep 17)  
Three Fishes (S’bury) Fixed Wheel Century 4.8% 3.50 (Sep 17)
Red Barn (Shrewsbury) Fullers London Pride 4.1% 3.50 (Sep 17)
Wheatsheaf (C S’bury) Jennings Cockr Hoop 4.6% 3.50 (Aug 17)
Craven Arms Hotel (CA) Jennings Cumb’land 4.0% 3.50 (Jun 17)
Belle Vue Tavern (Sbury) Marston’s Bass 4.4% 3.50 (May 17)
Morgan’s (Shrewsbury) Sharp’s Doom Bar 4.0% 3.50 (Nov 16)
Squirrel (Ludlow) Marstons Pedigree 4.5% 3.60 (Nov 17)
Henry Tudor (S’bury) Salopian Shrop Gold 3.8% 3.60 (Sep 17)
Queens Head (Q Head) Stonehouse Off Rails 4.8% 3.60 (Sep 17)
Housmans (Ch Stretton) 3 Tuns XXX 4.3% 3.60 (Aug 17)
Albert’s Shed (S’bury) Salopian Pale Ale 4.6% 3.60 (May 17)
Blue Boar (Ludlow) 3 Tuns Clerics Cure 5.0% 3.60 (Apr 17)
Riverbank (Shrewsbury) Salopian Shrop Gold 3.8% 3.60 (Dec 16)
Lion & Pheasant (Sbury) Salopian Oracle 4.0% 3.60 (Dec 16)
Boathouse (Shrewsbury) Hardy/Hanson Rdlph 4.2% 3.60 (Dec 16)
Vaults (Whitchurch) Titanic Plum Porter 4.9% 3.60 (Dec 16)
Cromwell’s (S’bury) Salopian Oracle 4.0% 3.70 (Aug 17)
Bucks Head (C Stretton) Marstons Shp Intake 4.0% 3.70 (Aug 17)
Vaults (Bishop’s Castle) Rat White Rat 4.0% 3.70 (Jul 17)
Beaten Track (S’bury) Sharp’s Atlantic 4.2% 3.70 (Feb 17)
Three Tuns (Bis Castle) 3 Tuns Old Scrooge 6.5% 3.70 (Dec 16)
House of Grain (S’bury) Howling Hops Pale 3.8% 3.75 (Jul 17)
Olive Tree (Shrewsbury) 3 Tuns Rantipole 3.6% 3.75 (May 17)
Green Dragn (Stretton) Sarah Hughes D R 6.0% 3.80 (Jun 17)
Loopy Shrew (S’bury) St Annes Lea Cross  4.5% 3.85 (Dec 17)
Armoury (Shrewsbury) Dark Star Expresso 4.2% 3.90 (Sep 17)
White Lion (Whittingtn) Wells Bombardier 4.1% 3.90 (Nov 17)
Lion Hotel (S’bury) Salopian Oracle 4.0% 3.90 (Jun 17)
Inn at Grinshill (Grinshill) Hobsons Old Prickly 4.2% 4.00 (Dec 16)
Abel’s Harp (Bromlow) Sharp’s Doom Bar 4.0% 4.00 (Oct 16)
Lord Hill Hotel (S’bury) Salopian Shrop Gold 3.8% 4.10 (Feb 16)
Boathouse (Ellesmere) Stonehouse Station 3.9% 4.30 (Nov 17)
Alb (Shrewsbury) Sharp’s Wolf Rock 4.8% 4.50 (Nov 16)

Archive of prices at end of 2016

Beer Tickers & Scoopers Corner 2016

A selection of some of the guest beers seen in the SAWS area this year.( As reported via the CAMRA beer scoring system using WhatPub.) Hopefully it will give you a flavour of the pubs in which you may find these ‘rarer’ ales. If you have an interest in any particular beer or brewery, let us know via the comment box at the bottom of the page.

Brewery Beer Venue Name VenueTown Visit Date
Arkell’s Arkle Ale Masonic Arms Shrewsbury 04/05/2016
Backyard Lionheart Shrewsbury Hotel Shrewsbury 14/07/2016
Big Hand Pit Head Porter Butchers Arms Wern 25/11/2016
Black Brook Breakfast Bailey Head Oswestry 15/10/2016
Blakemere Old & Filthy Cock & Greyhound Whitchurch 28/02/2016
Brecon Brewing Ltd Goal Miners Arms Priest Weston 24/06/2016
Castle Combe Carols ’round the Cross Abbey Shrewsbury 30/12/2016
Chapel Brewery Angels Share Jack Mytton Inn Hindford 04/06/2016
Chapel Brewery Miracle Shrewsbury Hotel Shrewsbury 08/11/2016
Chapel Brewery Silver Chalice Montgomery’s Tower Shrewsbury 12/04/2016
Cheshire Brewhouse Hop Lab Amarillo Rye Bailey Head Oswestry 30/07/2016
Clark’s Crafty Dribbler Fox Inn Oswestry 26/06/2016
Clun Solar Dog Hangs Well Ludlow 10/11/2016
Coastal Hercules Bailey Head Oswestry 05/08/2016
Conwy Honey Porter Last Inn Hengoed 25/11/2016
Cottage Tiger Moth Plough Inn Weston Rhyn 26/05/2016
Cwrw Iâl Whipa Snapper Bailey Head Oswestry 30/07/2016
Derby Tutti Frutti Armoury Shrewsbury 05/07/2016
Elland Cyprium Fox Inn Oswestry 28/04/2016
Elland Twisted Pearl Woodman Shrewsbury 29/03/2016
Erddig Squires Best Wilfred Owen Oswestry 27/02/2016
Gorgeous Beer Co Golden Bitter Rose & Crown Ludlow 12/09/2016
Holden’s 101 Black Pale Ale Dolphin Shrewsbury 05/03/2016
Holden’s Red By Night Rose & Crown Ludlow 31/10/2016
Ness Ales Hoppyton Arp Black Horse Inn Maesbrook 25/02/2016
Isca Dawlish Bittter Bull in the Barne Shrewsbury 14/01/2016
Jennings Digadig Red Barn Shrewsbury 13/11/2016
Kelham Island Coffee Porter Rose & Crown Ludlow 29/09/2016
Leatherbritches Ginger Helmet Abbey Shrewsbury 11/07/2016
Liberation Golden Mild Masonic Arms Shrewsbury 14/10/2016
Mallinson’s Pacific Cascade Woodman Shrewsbury 20/02/2016
Muirhouse Chocolate & Orange Mild Dolphin Shrewsbury 07/05/2016
North Yorkshire Prior’s Ale Rose & Crown Ludlow 24/10/2016
New Brew APA Bricklayers (AF) Shrewsbury 29/12/2016
New Brew New India IPA Bricklayers (AF) Shrewsbury 24/12/2016
New Brew New India IPA White Hart Ellesmere 10/09/2016
New Brew Nova Gold Bricklayers (AF) Shrewsbury 24/12/2016
Pictish Alchemists Gold Three Fishes Shrewsbury 24/08/2016
Pictish Little Gem Woodman Shrewsbury 23/04/2016
Plassey Cwrw Tudno Wilfred Owen Oswestry 09/04/2016
Plassey Red Hop Poker Black Bear Whitchurch 27/05/2016
Plassey Red Hop Poker Dickin Arms Loppington 19/08/2016
Plassey Ruddy Rudolf Sun Inn Welshampton 05/01/2016
Robinsons Robin Bitter Olde Boote Inn Whittington 10/01/2016
Rowton 1966 Prince Of Wales Shrewsbury 05/11/2016
Rowton Area 51 Wheatsheaf (Frankwell) Shrewsbury 15/07/2016
Rowton Atlas Fox & Hounds Shawbury 10/11/2016
Rowton High Pheasant Fox & Hounds Shawbury 11/01/2016
Rowton Hookers Tackle Tilley Raven Tilley 18/03/2016
Rowton Hookers Tackle Fox & Hounds Shawbury 26/02/2016
Rowton Hookers Tackle Dog Hangs Well Ludlow 17/03/2016
Rowton Mother Plucking Turkey Prince of Wales Shrewsbury 24/12/2016
Rowton Rowton Galaxy Silverton Hotel Shrewsbury 17/04/2016
Rowton Rowton Galaxy Wheatsheaf Whitchurch 13/08/2016
Rowton Shropshire Star White Hart Ellesmere 16/04/2016
Rowton Shropshire Star Fox & Hounds Shawbury 26/09/2016
Rowton Space Walk Cross Foxes Shrewsbury 30/03/2016
Rowton Star Light Corbet Arms Uffington 03/07/2016
Rowton Star Light Stiperstones Inn Stiperstones 05/07/2016
Rowton Star Light Green Dragon Little Stretton 12/08/2016
Rowton Star Light Old Three Pigeons Nesscliffe 25/02/2016
Salopian Minds Eye Three Fishes Shrewsbury 31/12/2016
Salopian Orbital Three Fishes Shrewsbury 30/12/2016
Six Bells Back To Basics Nag’s Head Pontesbury 11/04/2016
Six Bells Detox Fox & Hounds Shawbury 15/01/2016
Six Bells Revive Admiral Benbow Shrewsbury 31/05/2016
Six Bells ZB Prince Of Wales Shrewsbury 28/05/2016
Slater’s Ultra Montgomery’s Tower Shrewsbury 01/12/2016
Stonehouse Polar Express Witbeer Bailey Head Oswestry 28/10/2016
Stonehouse Ballast Porter Griffin Oswestry 22/12/2016
Stonehouse Ballast Porter Vaults Shrewsbury 24/12/2016
Swan Brewery Cygneture Ale Green Dragon Little Stretton 16/08/2016
Swan Brewery Cygneture Ale Charlton Arms Ludlow 04/06/2016
Swan Brewery Gold Crown & Anchor Vaults Bishop’s Castle 09/07/2016
Target Brewery David Hopperfield Dog Hangs Well Ludlow 30/07/2016
Target Brewery Haughmond Hop Prince Of Wales Shrewsbury 13/08/2016
Target Brewery Wrekin Giant Prince Of Wales Shrewsbury 03/09/2016
Three Tuns Faust Banana Bailey Head Oswestry 17/07/2016
Thwaites Mr John Red Lion Ellesmere 29/06/2016
Waen Lemon Drizzle Bailey Head Oswestry 16/07/2016
Waen Pamplemousse Bailey Head Oswestry 16/07/2016
Wentworth Brewer’s Blonde Crown Inn Newcastle-on-Clun 02/04/2016
Wentworth Flip Flop Coach & Horses Shrewsbury 15/06/2016
Wentworth Hop & Glory Crown Inn Newcastle-on-Clun 02/04/2016
White Rose Hopping Mad Woodman Shrewsbury 16/07/2016
White Rose Ice Maiden Woodman Shrewsbury 14/01/2016
White Rose Yorkshire Rose Woodman Shrewsbury 20/04/2016
White Rose Ziggy Gecko and the beers from Mars Woodman Shrewsbury 28/01/2016
Wood Rebbling Navigation Inn Maesbury Marsh 27/11/2016
Wood Rebbling Abbey Shrewsbury 05/12/2016
Wood Rebbling Prince of Wales Shrewsbury 07/12/2016
Wood Jonnack Dog Hangs Well Ludlow 24/09/2016


The local Brewery taps are not included in this list, they are always likely to have their rarer beers on offer. Such pubs include:

Battlefield – Battlefield Brewery Shop (Shrewsbury)
Clun – White Horse (Clun)
Ludlow – Railway Shed (Ludlow)
Ness Ales – Old Three Pigeons (Nesscliffe)
Offa’s Dyke – Barley Mow (Trefonen) & Olde Vaults (Oswestry)
Salopian – Salopian Brewery Shop (Hadnall)
Six Bells – Six Bells (Bishop’s Castle)
Stonehouse – Stonehouse Brewery Shop (Weston, Oswestry)
The Shropshire Brewer – Red Lion (Longden Common)
Three Tuns – Three Tuns (Bishop’s Castle)
Wood – Plough Inn (Wistanstow)

Armoury (Shrewsbury) Beer Festival 2016

BEER FESTIVAL BEER list 2016     Fri Oct 14th – Sun Oct 16th

Hobsons – Green Hop 4.2%

Big Hand – Telekinesis 6.9%

Big Hand – Pit head porter 4.3%

Salopian – Vortex 4%

Three Tuns – xxx 4.3%

Backyard – Navy 4.7%

Big shed – Engineers best 4.2%

Monty’s – Maple 4.6%

Ludlow – Boling well 4.7%

Titanic – Plum porter 4.9%

Stonehouse – station bitter 3.9%

Bingham’s – vanilla stout (champion beer 2016)

Tiny rebel – Cwtch 4.6% (champion beer 2015)

Heavy industry – 77 – 4.9% (champion strong beer 2016)

Purple moose – ysgawen (elderflower beer) 4%

Hawkshead – NZPA 6%

Dark star – hophead 3.8%

Waen – Rudi-mental 5.5%

Beartown – peach melbear 4.4%

Grey trees – Diggers gold 4% (champion golden ale)

Sadler’s – Peaky Blinder (black ipa) 4.6%

Purity – XPA (new brew) 3.5%

Purity – UBU 4.5%

Pub of the Year Presentations 2016

Prince of Wales (Shrewsbury) 2016

Overall winner for 2016 is the Prince of Wales, Shrewsbury

Having also won the Marches competition, the Prince had the accolade of appearing in the West Midlands Regional final (the 2016 winner eventually being the Earl Grey Inn, Leek).

Pictured is Vicki with the new certificate, joining the 2015 winners certificate on their wall of honour.


The two runners-up (and also joint Market Town Pubs of the Year) were:

Oswestry Awards May2016 005

Black Lion, Oswestry –  Presentation of the award for Branch Pub of the Year runners up and also the joint award for the Branch Market Town Pub of the Year by Dave Roll to Claire and Terry. Well deserved, awarded for the hard work and dedication in running a true community pub appreciated by loyal locals and not so locals alike. Congratulations.


Black Bear, Whitchurch – Similarly awarded certificates for Branch Pub of the Year runner up and joint Market Town Pub of the Year. Here’s what the Bear said:

“The Bear team are sooooo…. chuffed to receive these amazing awards for our ale.
Thanks Shrewsbury and West Shropshire Camra and all the clever brewers.”

Rural Pub of the Year:

Mytton Arms, Habberley 2016

Mytton Arms, Habberley





Green Dragon, Little Stretton 2016


(Runners up:   the Crown, Clunton and the Green Dragon, Little Stretton – pictured left)



Club of the Year:

Oswestry Awards May2016 002 (2)

Oswestry Cricket Club – SAWS Club of the Year 2016 presentation by Dave Roll to Jane and Hugh on a busy night with a hall full on a Quiz Night and a youth match on the pitch outside.  A well deserved award to a true community asset  that also does a fine pint of local ale!


Comrades Club, Ellesmere

(Runner up: the Comrades Sports & Social Club, Ellesmere)





Honourable mentions go to the Coach & Horses and the Three Fishes, runners up in the Shrewsbury pub category, and the Six Bells, Bishop’s Castle, runners up in the Market Town pub category.

White Lion (Ash Magna) 1997


See here for the full list of winners and also winners from previous years.

Connections – Pubs & Shrewsbury Town FC

The connection between the local football team and pubs goes all the way back to the founding of the club in May 1886. However there appears to be some confusion as to the exact circumstances. The Eddowes Shropshire Journal reported that the club was formed during a meeting at the Lion Hotel, but the Shrewsbury Chronicle then reported that the event took place at the Turf Hotel, Claremont Hill (which closed in 1930).

Turf Hotel, Shrewsbury (closed 1930)

Turf Hotel, Shrewsbury (closed 1930)

The best theory seems to be that both premises were actually visited that night. The Shropshire FA held their meetings at the Lion, while many local sides used the Turf as their base. So probably what happened was the proposal put forward by the Committee at the Lion was confirmed later at the Turf with the players (or they just fancied a pub-crawl!).



Unicorn Hotel 1897


An amateur club when founded, it so happened that the decision to pay some players for the first time was taken during a meeting at another pub, the Unicorn, Wyle Cop (closed as a pub in 1983), in August 1896. Not as handy for the ground as you may think, at the time the club played at the Barrack’s Ground, Copthorne, moving to Gay Meadow near the Unicorn in 1910.



Little knowing the trend he would start, the centre-half of the Welsh Cup winning team of 1891, Jack Davies, would become the landlord of the Criterion (Shrewsbury) from 1906 to 1907.

Then 1920s full-back Harry ‘Happy’ Sheldon became a very popular local Landlord, running the Coach & Horses from 1925 to 1936 and the nearby Admiral Benbow from 1936 until his death in 1957.


Old Post Office, Shrewsbury 1955


Indeed it was not just the players running pubs. In 1937 the trainer at the club, Sam Powell, took over at the Old Post Office, where he would be landlord for the next 28 years.



Tommy Seymour played for Shrewsbury from 1936 to 1939. After the war he became the club’s trainer for many years, while also running the Royal Vaults, Wyle Cop from 1947 to 1954. The Vaults closed permanently in 1958 and is now an Indian restaurant.

Since joining the Football League in 1950 a steady stream of former players have gone on to be associated with the licensing trade, below are listed some of them: (the dates are their time at Shrewsbury Town)

Ted Gorin (1951-52) – Only played a few times for Shrewsbury Town, he returned to his hometown of Cardiff where he later ran 3 pubs, the Big Windsor, the Bird in Hand and the Romilly.

Jimmy Bannister (1952-58) – Played over 200 games for Shrewsbury, eventually ending up as Landlord of the Shoulder of Mutton (Barton-under-Needwood)

Maurice Candlin (1953-55) – After two seasons at Shrewsbury he joined Wellingborough Town, later running the nearby Old Swan (Earls Barton)

Norman Hobson (1954-62) – Played over 200 games for Shrewsbury. At the end of his career in 1967 he briefly became player/manager of Oswestry Town while running the nearby Admiral Duncan (Baschurch), before later emigrating to Australia.

Joe Wallace (1954-62) – Became the first to play over 300 Football League games for the club in 1961. He ran the Nag’s Head and later the Mardol Vaults (now closed) around 1987 (Thanks Deborah Curtis)

Tommy Dunne (1956-57) – Won the Irish FA Cup with Shamrock Rovers in 1948, but only played 4 times for Shrewsbury. Ended up in Southport where he ran the Guest House, Hoghton and Masons Arms.

Gerry Bridgwood (1969-73) – Joined Shrewsbury Town from First Division Stoke City. When his playing career ended he became a pub landlord, owning the Greyhound (Yarlet Bank, Stafford) and the Crown (Goostrey) where he died in 2012.


Red Lion, Bomere Heath 1999


Ricky Moir (1969-74) – After over 150 appearances for Shrewsbury, Ricky left to play a few games for Halifax Town. But he was soon back in Shrewsbury where he managed the London Apprentice (which closed in 2009) from 1975-92 then the Red Lion (Bomere Heath).



Jim Holton (1971-72) – After an impressive season and a half at Shrewsbury the 21 year old centre half was snapped up by Manchester United and within 6 months had earned the first of his 15 Scotland caps. After finishing his football career at Coventry City he went on to run two pubs in the Coventry area, the Stag and the Rising Sun.

Ken Mulhearn (1971-80) – Long serving Shrewsbury goalkeeper, signed from Manchester City where he gained a League Championship winners medal in 1968. After ending his football career at Crewe, he returned to Shrewsbury where he managed the Exchange (now Morgans) 1982-84, the Springfield (demolished in 1990s) 1984-87 and the Saddlers 1987-94.

Mike Kearney (1973-77) – Signed by Manager Maurice Evans, he ended up at Reading having been signed once again by Evans. For a time after that he ran the Horse & Jockey and then the Royals Rendezvous, a supporters bar by the Reading ground.


1976. Possibly the golden era of licensed trade involvement. Four future Publicans, four future football managers, and Jake King (both).

John ‘Jake’ King (1973-82) – During his time as a player Shrewsbury earned two promotions and twice reached the FA Cup Quarter Finals. Once his playing career ended Jake started his involvement in the licensing trade with a spell at Cromwells. However he was tempted back into football and went on to manage Shrewsbury Town for two years (1997-99) in between two spells as manager of nearby Telford United. Since then he has returned to his involvement in pubs with the Plume of Feathers (Harley) 2003-07 and the Smoke Stop (Ford).



Sammy Irvine (1974-78) – Signed from Shrewsbury by Stoke City, where a promising career was ended at age 24 by injuries sustained in a car crash. He returned to Shrewsbury where he managed the Wheatsheaf 1982-84

Carleton Leonard (1975-83) – After a successful career at Shrewsbury where he won a Third Division Championship winners medal in 1979, he returned to his hometown of Oswestry where he has since managed the Oak, the Pedigree (demolished 2015) and until 2016 the Bell.

Jimmy Lindsay (1977-81) – Started his football career at First Division West Ham before later winning Third Division titles with both Hereford (1976) and Shrewsbury (1979). Ending his football career at Shrewsbury he was soon in charge of a local pub, the Masonic Arms 1981-85. Since then he has also managed the Exchange (now Morgans) 1985-89 and later the Canal Tavern (closed 2009)

Sammy Chapman (1978-80) – Spent most of his time at Notts Forest, but had a very successful two season spell at Shrewsbury at the end of his career. Ran a pub near Nottingham, the Cuckoo Bush (Gotham).

Ross MacLaren (1980-85) – After leaving Shrewsbury he went on to play top flight football with both Derby County and Swindon Town. He later returned to the Derby area to run the Bluebell (Kirk Langley).











John McGinlay (1989-90) – After being given his Football League chance with Shrewsbury, he went on to play in the Premiership with Bolton Wanderers and represent Scotland 13 times. During his playing days he took over a Bolton pub, re-inventing it as a sports bar called McGinlay’s, though it didn’t last long. After a spell in football management he returned to the Bolton area to run the Old Original Bay Horse (Horwich) in 2014.

Robbie Turner (1993) – Played for more than a dozen clubs, including a spell in the First Division with Wimbledon and a 9 game loan spell with Shrewsbury. Ended up in non-league football in the West Country, where he helped his brother run the Dog & Duck (Torquay).

Ben Smith (2010-11) – Goalkeeper who played in the first 11 games of the 2011-12 season when Shrewsbury won promotion from League 2.  He opened the St Nicholas Cafe Bar (Shrewsbury) in 2014.

No doubt there are others. It is known that Joe Wallace (Coton Hill?), Willie O’Donnell (Glasgow?), Terry Matthias (Australia?) & Billy Askew (Hull?) have had some involvement in the licensed trade, but details of which pubs they were at are not known at present. If you have anything to add, feel free to leave a comment at the bottom of the page.

Some former Shrewsbury Town shirt sponsors:

Wem Brewery 1988

Wem Ales 1986-88

Davenports Brewery 1988

Davenports 1988-90









Some commemorative beers:


2001 Wood Brewery Goal King (to mark achievements of Arthur Rowley, one of a Shropshire Heroes & Legends series of beers)

2004 Wood Brewery Blue & Amber Nectar (to celebrate Shrewsbury reaching the League 2 play-offs)

2007 Wood Brewery  Meadow Brew (marking end of Shrewsbury’s time at their old Gay Meadow ground)

2009 Wood Brewery Celebration Beer (celebrating Shrewsbury’s return to the League 2 play-offs, 30 years after one of their finest achievements in gaining promotion to the Championship as it is now)


2012 Wood Brewery Up Town (marking promotion to League 1)



2014  Marston’s Brewery Micky Mellon’s Barmy Army (one-off Charles Darwin house beer marking arrival of new Manager Micky Mellon)




2014 Wood Brewery  Blues & Amber (marking Shrewsbury’s home tie with Premier League giants Chelsea in the 4th round of the League Cup)



2015 Salopian Brewery Mellon Dream (Prince of Wales occasional house beer in honour of Shrewsbury Town Manager Micky Mellon)


Thanks to Kevin Davies, Leigh Edwards & Mike Jones, resident Shrewsbury Town historians & stattos, for their pointers in match-day programmes throughout the years.