ARCHIVE Shrewsbury Beer Festival 2016

Shrewsbury Beer Festival 2016


Shrewsbury & West Shropshire CAMRA Brewers Challenge (judged at the festival):

Winner – Three Tuns Clerics Cure

Runner-up – Salopian Dead Drop


Shrewsbury Beer Festival 2016 poster


Shrewsbury Beer Festival 2016 flyer



Shrewsbury Beer Festival will take place 22-24 September 2016. Hours will be 11-11 Thursday and Friday, 11-9 (or a bit later if there’s beer left) on Saturday


Updated Beer List 20 September 2016



Bar 1

Check gravity list for beers you don’t see here (at stage end)

Brewery Name ABV (%) Description
Atom Singularity 3.5 The Science of Brewing
Atom Critical Temperature 6.5 The Science of Brewing
Bass Draught 4.4 Brewed with two strains of yeast to produce a complex nutty, malty taste with subtle hop undertones
Battledown Natural Selection 4.2 Golden ale, with malts evident and triple hop with a spicy and slightly citrus finish.
Battlefield 1066 4.2 Darker ale with rich malt and striking hop aromas
Big Shed Tyger Tyger 4.2 Medium strength predominantly pale malt plus substantial bittering and aroma hops.
Black Brook Pale Ale 4.0 A new brewery from Mold
Black Brook Breakfast 4.5 A milk stout
Black Horse Queens 4.4



Bar 2

Check gravity list for beers you don’t see here (next to bar 1at stage end)

Brewery Name ABV (%) Description
Black Market Illicit 4.5
Brentwood Hope and Glory 3.8 Red premium bitter. Malt flavours light hops flavour, lingering bitterness.
Brown Cow Alchemy Boudicow 3.8 American Pale Ale
Brown Cow Alchemy Alcowmy 4.0 Roasted chocolate and coffee, balanced with citrus and tropical fruit hop flavours
Bude Black Rock Porter 5.1 Dark ale with blackberry aroma and smoky and chocolate notes with a distinctive black olive aftertaste
Buffy’s Mucky Duck 4.5 Chocolate and roasted tones
Buffy’s Norwegian Blue 4.9 Malt and fruit
Burton Bridge Staffordshire Knot Brown 4.8 Brown Ale
Caythorpe One Swallow 3.6 golden bitter, well hopped




Bar 3

Check gravity list for beers you don’t see here (next to bar 1at stage end)

Brewery Name ABV (%) Description
Chapel Angel’s Share 4.0 Blonde beer. A delicate, floral nose and a herbal spicy taste.
Chapel Last Supper 4.7  Passion fruit, lychee and grapefruit notes.
Charnwood IPA 5.8 Amber-coloured IPA.  Tropical and citrus flavours and a pine and spice finish
Clun Solar 4.3 Elderflower
Derby White House Honey 4.6 Blonde fruity beer with local Derbyshire honey added
Frog Island Fire Bellied Toad 5.0 Golden brown, single hopped with English phoenix hops
G2 Crux 4.8 Tropical taste and delicious spicy undertone
Gorgeous Beer Co Golden Bitter 3.8 From a new local brewery
Lincoln Ale Imperial Ale 3.8 TBA




Bar 4

Check gravity list for beers you don’t see here (next to bar 1at stage end)

Brewery Name ABV (%) Description
Ludlow Blonde 4.0 Lemony, citrus aroma, crisp citrus notes in taste
Mallinsons Ahtanum 3.8 Single Ahtanum hop. Pale golden ale, aroma of lychees, fruit flavours, clean finish.
Pickled Pig Pigs Can Fly 3.9 Blonde ale
Pig and Porter Dream More 4.2 Pale, mosaic hop, mango flavours
Salopian Dead Drop 4.7 Golden beer with a lingering clean palate, a crisp body and a prolonged finish.
Shiny Pail: Comet and Pekko 4.0 Same grist, different pail full of hop each time!
Shropshire Brewer Spire Dancer 4.2 Golden ale
Six Bells (main sponsor) Dark Angel 5.6 Very hoppy porter
Six Bells (main sponsor) Sutra 4.6 New beer from our main sponsor



Bar 5

Check gravity list for beers you don’t see here (next to bar 1at stage end)

Brewery Name ABV (%) Description


Six Bells (main sponsor) Karma 4.6 New beer from our main sponsor
Sperrin Beer Me Up Hoppy 4.8
Stonehouse Zephyr 3.8 A new beer from Stonehouse is an event to note.  A pale beer with delicate hints of tropical fruit hops
Swan Cygneture 3.6 Chestnut ale.
Swan Lilly Little Legs 4.4
Three Tuns Clerics Cure 5.0 Light-tan, medium malty sweetness spicy, floral bitterness and hop character
Village Old Raby 4.8 Dark ale, sweet aftertaste
Wood Summer Breeze 3.9 Citrus aroma. Tangerine hopped bitterness.
Rowton Medieval Mild 3.3 Mild made with Bog Myrtle





Bar 6

Check gravity list for beers you don’t see here (next to bar 1at stage end)

Brewery Name ABV (%) Description


Holden’s Black Country Mild 3.7 Chestnut red mild with a hint of chocolate
Hobsons Champion Mild 3.2 chocolate malt nutty dark mild.
Firehouse Mainwaring Mild 3.6 A dark nutty mild.  From a 1940’s Wartime recipe
Church End Gravediggers Ale 3.8 Dark black and red.
Church End Vanilla Jack 3.8 Chocolatey, roasted. Added vanilla and Jack Daniels
Byatts XK Dark 3.5 Malty. Bitter chocolate and blackberries and a lingering bitterness.
Black Country Ales Pig on the Wall 5.6 Refreshing chestnut brown beer. Chocolate and coffee undertones.
Brampton Mild 4.9 Dark mild.  Coffee, toffee and caramel tones
Bathams Mild 3.5 Sweet and well-balanced dark brown ale with a hoppy, fruity finish



Gravity Beers

These beers ARE AVAILABLE NOW, and will be moved to a pump when one is available.  Ask at bar 1 (Stage end) for service

Brewery Name ABV (%) Description


Firehouse Woodman Pale 4.4 A golden fruity sweetish bitter with a dry hoppy finish.
Magpie Eight is a wish 4.2 British hops, Belgian fruit twist
Pickled Pig Grenade 8.2 Old Ale
Battledown S.P.A. Premium 4.6 A medium bodied deep amber beer, with malt and fruit overtones
Black Horse Thanks PA 4.0
Brampton Wasp Nest 5.0 Mid-amber ale. Rich malty flavour with Fuggles and Goldings hops to balance.
Brentwood Spooky Moon 3.8 Dark brown bitter with a sweet fruity finish
Brown Cow Alchemy How Now Vintage 8.1 Light and dark roasted malts. Generous hops




Gravity Beers

These beers ARE AVAILABLE NOW, and will be moved to a pump when one is available.  Ask at bar 1 (Stage end) for service

Brewery Name ABV (%) Description


Bude Porthbud 4.0 Light colour, passion fruit aroma and hoppy after taste.
Burton Bridge Blazin’ Saddles 4.5
Caythorpe Dover Beck 4.0 A deep golden, well rounded, smooth tasting bitter
Charnwood Tipping Point 4.2 Light Red multi grain beer. American and New Zealand hops
Church End Cuthbert’s 3.8 Light brown bitter
Derby Brewing Bull Shark IPA 5.0 Tropical fruits, sweet malty biscuit, bitterness, dry floral finish
Frog Island Shoemaker 4.2 Amber beer with malty and citrus aroma and flavours
G2 Otava 4.2 Deep gold classic IPA




Gravity Beers

These beers ARE AVAILABLE NOW, and will be moved to a pump when one is available.  Ask at bar 1 (Stage end) for service

Brewery Name ABV (%) Description


Gorgeous Beer Co Blonde Ale 4.8 From a new local brewery
Mallinsons Firetail 4.3 Golden ale hints of stone fruits
Salopian Blind Spot 8.2 Golden orange IPA, aroma of lime pulp and fresh botanics, palate of tropical fruit and sweet mango.
Shiny Affinity 4.6 Strong Golden Bitter with lots and lots of fruity Citra hops
Sperrin Cannon Fire 5.5 Porter
Stratford on Avon Amarillo 5.0 Single hop ale
Village White Boar 3.8 IPA
Wood Jonnack 3.8 New beer from an established Shropshire brewery



The main Festival sponsors this year are The Six Bells, Bishops Castle. The Pig and Porter ‘Dream More’ is sponsored by The Bailey Head in Oswestry. There are still some beers without sponsors – if you or your company are interested, you get listed in the programme and an advert on the sponsors wall for a flat payment of £75 (regardless of how much the beer costs).


Butford Farm Organic
Green Valley
Hecks Port Wine
Janet’s Jungle Juice
Old Monty
Jack Ratt Vintage
Renshaw’s Red Eye
Ross on Wye
Wylde Kingston Black


Old Monty

ABV and dryness index will be displayed on the cider bar at the festival

There will also be pure apple juice (what our American cousins call “soft” cider), and a wide range of country wines.

Remember these are ORDERS at this stage. There’s always the chance that an individual beer will be unavailable and substituted when we get it delivered on 19 September.

IN ADDITION – the 2016 Festival will be hosting the Regional Mild competition. The 6 top Milds of the West Midlands region of CAMRA will be subjected to a tasting panel, the winner of which will be forwarded to the National Champion Beer of Britain competition.

About The Champion Beer of Britain

The Champion Beer of Britain (CBOB) is an award presented each year by the Campaign for Real Ale (CAMRA), at their Great British Beer Festival. Beers can qualify in three ways:

  • CAMRA tasting panels judge the beers in their geographic area of the UK. The recommendations of these panels are put forward to six regional panels, with the winners of these qualifying for the finals in August.
  • Votes from CAMRA members via a form in What’s Brewing, the CAMRA newsletter.
  • Winning one of the 150 Beer Of The Festival awards from CAMRA beer festivals held throughout the year

Nominated beers are then grouped into categories and go through several rounds of blind tasting at the Great British Beer Festival. Category winners are then re-judged to determine the supreme champion – the Champion Beer of Britain.

Shrewsbury Beer Festival 2016

Entry is £2.50, FREE to CAMRA members except after 6pm on Friday


The Morris Hall,

The Morris Hall - Shrewsbury

The Morris Hall – Shrewsbury


  • Quiet Festival ALL SESSIONS
  • Unfortunately due to the historic nature of the location there is no access for customers in wheelchairs or unable to climb steps.
  • Subject to Change Without Notice
  • E&OE – Updated 11 July 2015

    Our facebook Festival Page is here.                        Our  Festival Twitter feed is here.

In the meantime, for news of other beer festivals in Shrewsbury, Shropshire & surrounding counties during the rest of the year, see our Branch Events page here



Shrewsbury Beer Festival 2015

End of the successful 2015 festival

Shrewsbury Beer Festival 2015 summary



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