ARCHIVE Pub News 2015

 Wheatsheaf, Whitchurch

Closed in  April 2015,after a short period as the Atlas, it reopened on 17th December 2015 and reverted to its original name of the Wheatsheaf. Although the new owners have carried out extensive refitting and refurbishment,  it is still  a “work in progress”, as the kitchen and bed/breakfast facilities are not expected to be up and running until mid-February 2016.

Charles Darwin, Shrewsbury

Marstons have terminated their lease and New River Retail, the freeholders, will operate the pub from 7 December 2015. The new landlord was previously bar manager at the Dog & Pheasant. Strictly speaking NRR are not a pubco. and will not impose beer supply restrictions on the tenant. He will therefore be able to source the product from wherever he wishes. Early indications are that, initially at least, he will get beer from Salopian, Stonehouse and Three Tuns.

Burlton Inn

The Burlton Inn reopened in November 2014 after a major refurbishment by its owners Robinsons.  They wanted to change the emphasis to being a “pub with restaurant” and have done a rather nice job! The tenants at that time have now left, and new tenants took over on 30 November 2015

Jack Mytton at Hindford

After having been on sale for some time, this has now been sold and is under new ownership. It is currently closed for refurbishment (as at 4 April 2015) and will re-open “later in the Spring”.  This didn’t seem to come to pass,  but current information suggests a November opening!

The opening has at last come to pass, and it was indeed a November event! The bar opened on 21 November 2015, and the dining room on 27 November

Old Three Pigeons Nesscliffe

The landlord has started brewing at the pub using a small 2 barrel plant. The brewery is called Ness Ales and his first brew is a 4.2% amber ale called Humphrey’s Tipple (as at November 2015)

Talbot Ruyton XI Towns

Was closed for a lengthy refurbishment but  re-opened on 2 December 2015

Horse & Jockey, Northwood

Bought from Admiral taverns by the Vernon family of Northwood Hall. Re-opened after a major refurbishment on 23rd October  2015.

Fox, Oswestry

The Fox in Oswestry re-opened on 14th October 2015 after a lengthy refurbishment. It was acquired by Cheadle Free Houses from Marstons..

 Red Lion, Oswestry

In May 2015, it was bought from Punch Taverns by its tenants

The Leaking Tap, Cockshutt.

Has re-opened under new ownership/management. Meals daily except Mon.

Seven Stars, Coleham, Shrewsbury

The Battlefield Brewery has taken a lease on the Seven Stars in Coleham, Shrewsbury. It was previously Darwin Inns

Bridge Dorrington

Reopened in July 2015 after a period of closure.

Salwey Arms, Woofferton

The Salwey was bought by the Jenneson family in June 2015.  It had re-opened in August 2013 after the then new owners had invested in a major refurbishment

Lodge, Weston Rhyn

An unusual turn of events at the Lodge in Weston Rhyn. Marstons sold it to a private owner who turned it into an Indian restaurant. They have now converted a part of it into a bar where Stonehouse is being sold!

Toby Carvery (Grapes), Bicton Heath

Having been closed for a major refurbishment, the Grapes  reopened on 9th June as the Toby Carvery Shrewsbury. Toby is a brand name of M&B, who bought the pub from the Orchid Group. They have two real ales on, Marstons Pedigree and Brakspear Bitter. The internal layout has changed little so there’s ample room for drinkers. As part of the same deal they bought the Beaten Track in Shrewsbury together with the Red Lion at Battlefield

 Crown at Newcastle on Clun

Here’s an update about the Crown from the Newcastle Pub Committee. The Committee was formed in 2014 to challenge the owners’ attempts to have a “change of use” applied to the pub.

April 2015 Update

When The Crown reopened last September the pub committee agreed to revisit the situation after six months before deciding what to do with the £725 raised to pay for a valuation of the premises and since held in the bank.The six months have now passed and The Crown is still open and doing well.  The committee has now met to consider what to do with the funds.It has been decided to donate £700 to the Midlands Air Ambulance Service with £25 being retained to keep the bank account open should we need it in the future.We hope that you are happy with this decision.  However, if you wish to have your contribution returned to you then please let us know by Saturday 25th April by calling 07813 833386.We thank you for supporting our campaign to keep The Crown open as a pub for the enjoyment of locals and visitors alike.

 Fox, Oswestry

The Shropshire Star reported on 1 April 2015 that Cheadle Free Houses have bought the Fox from Marston’s.  The pub will be closed for “several months” so that the new owners can do some major refurbishment work. Due to re-open in October 2015

Pound at Leebotwood

The Pound has new tenants from the end of March 2015.
Although an Enterprise Inns house , their arrangements with the Company are such that they can source beer from wherever they want. They are a local couple and are very much dedicated to sourcing their ales from breweries within a 30 mile radius. At the time of the pub survey in March they had two Ludlow beers on.
Undoubtedly, there is a great emphasis on dining and the quality of cooking is top of the range. However the intention is also to build up a local drinking trade

 New Inn at Hook-a-Gate

Here’s a nice little piece from Shrewsbury Today  about the New Inn at Hook-a-Gate.  It celebrated 100 years of ownership by the Hunter family on 25 March 2015.


There’s been a couple of interesting developments at two pubs in Whitchurch over the course of the winter. Both would seem to add to the emerging strength of the town’s real ale scene. These are the Atlas Bar (formerly the Wheatsheaf Hotel) and the Cock & Greyhound (formerly the Greyhound)