Mild in May 2017

Our Mild in May Month started on Monday 1st of May with 63 pubs throughout the county taking part. Find a local that is displaying our poster and ask for a passport listing all the pubs that are joining in this Tour of Traditional Milds .

Mild Rosette







Oreton – New Inn (30)                  Missing from Quick Pub List (Page 21)

Oswestry – Bailey Head (31)   Wrongly listed under Oreton on Quick Pub List (Page 21)

Some examples of reported Milds:

Bishop’s Castle – Six Bells (5)  Six Bells Revive
Cardington – Royal Oak (14)  Hobson’s Mild
Clun – Sun (19)  Three Tuns Mild
Ellesmere – White Hart (20)  Hobson’s Mild
Harmer Hill – Red Castle (22)  Hobson’s Mild
Little Stretton – Green Dragon (26)  Hobson’s Mild
Ludlow – Church (28)  Hobson’s Mild
Oswestry – Bailey Head (31)  Castle Rock Henry Normal Golden Mild
 Magpie Four for a Boy
 Salopian Divine Comedy
 Spire Dark Side
 Long Man Mild Man
Oswestry – Wilfred Owen (32)  Wolf Woild Moild
Ratlinghope – Bridges (33)  Three Tuns Mild
Shrewsbury – Abbey (38)  Hobson’s Mild
 Six Bells Revive
Shrewsbury – Admiral Benbow (39)  Hobson’s Mild
Shrewsbury – Bricklayers (40)  Hobson’s Mild
Shrewsbury – Coach & Horses (41)  Hobson’s Mild
 Three Tuns Mild
 Salopian Divine Comedy
Shrewsbury – Dolphin (42)  Elgood’s Black Dog Mild
Shrewsbury – Montgomery’s Tower (43)  Naylor’s Velvet
 Wolf Woild Moild
Shrewsbury – Nag’s Head (44)  Six Bells Revive
 Hobson’s Mild
Shrewsbury – Prince of Wales (45)  Hobson’s Mild
Shrewsbury – Shrewsbury Hotel (46)  Arundel Black Stallion
 Rudgate Ruby Mild
 Wolf Woild Moild
Whitchurch – Black Bear (60)  Big Hand Little Monkey
 Castle Rock Henry Normal Golden Mild
Whitchurch – Old Town Hall Vaults (61)  Elgood’s Black Dog Mild
Bouldon – Tally Ho (BONUS)  Hobson’s Mild
Shrewsbury – Royal Oak (BONUS)  Black Country Pig on the Wall

Some examples of Stouts & Porters also seen in May:

Bishop’s Castle – Six Bells (5)  Six Bells Black Echo Stout
Clun – Sun (19)  Three Tuns Stout
Oswestry – Bailey Head (31)  Cornish Crown Chocolate Orange Stout
Oswestry – Wilfred Owen (32)  Purple Moose Dark Side of the Moose Porter
Shrewsbury – Bricklayers (40)  New Brew Stout
Shrewsbury – Dolphin (42)  Nethergate Old Growler Porter
Shrewsbury – Montgomery’s Tower (43)  Titanic Plum Porter
Whitchurch – Black Bear (60)  Dark Star Expresso Stout
 Shropshire Legends Raven’s Bowl Porter
Ludlow – Artisan Ales (BONUS) Salopian Far Side Stout
Ludlow – Rose & Crown (BONUS) Pershore Black Moon Porter
Shrewsbury – Armoury (BONUS) Shropshire Legends Raven’s Bowl Porter
Shrewsbury – Salopian Bar (BONUS) Dark Star Expresso Stout
Hop Back Entire Stout
Big Hand Spectre Stout
Shrewsbury – Three Fishes (BONUS) Young’s Chocolate Stout
Whitchurch – Wheatsheaf (BONUS) Goff’s Black Knight Porter

Mild in May 2016 summary


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