Beer Tickers & Scoopers Corner 2016

A selection of some of the guest beers seen in the SAWS area this year.( As reported via the CAMRA beer scoring system using WhatPub.) Hopefully it will give you a flavour of the pubs in which you may find these ‘rarer’ ales. If you have an interest in any particular beer or brewery, let us know via the comment box at the bottom of the page.

Brewery Beer Venue Name VenueTown Visit Date
Arkell’s Arkle Ale Masonic Arms Shrewsbury 04/05/2016
Backyard Lionheart Shrewsbury Hotel Shrewsbury 14/07/2016
Big Hand Pit Head Porter Butchers Arms Wern 25/11/2016
Black Brook Breakfast Bailey Head Oswestry 15/10/2016
Blakemere Old & Filthy Cock & Greyhound Whitchurch 28/02/2016
Brecon Brewing Ltd Goal Miners Arms Priest Weston 24/06/2016
Castle Combe Carols ’round the Cross Abbey Shrewsbury 30/12/2016
Chapel Brewery Angels Share Jack Mytton Inn Hindford 04/06/2016
Chapel Brewery Miracle Shrewsbury Hotel Shrewsbury 08/11/2016
Chapel Brewery Silver Chalice Montgomery’s Tower Shrewsbury 12/04/2016
Cheshire Brewhouse Hop Lab Amarillo Rye Bailey Head Oswestry 30/07/2016
Clark’s Crafty Dribbler Fox Inn Oswestry 26/06/2016
Clun Solar Dog Hangs Well Ludlow 10/11/2016
Coastal Hercules Bailey Head Oswestry 05/08/2016
Conwy Honey Porter Last Inn Hengoed 25/11/2016
Cottage Tiger Moth Plough Inn Weston Rhyn 26/05/2016
Cwrw Iâl Whipa Snapper Bailey Head Oswestry 30/07/2016
Derby Tutti Frutti Armoury Shrewsbury 05/07/2016
Elland Cyprium Fox Inn Oswestry 28/04/2016
Elland Twisted Pearl Woodman Shrewsbury 29/03/2016
Erddig Squires Best Wilfred Owen Oswestry 27/02/2016
Gorgeous Beer Co Golden Bitter Rose & Crown Ludlow 12/09/2016
Holden’s 101 Black Pale Ale Dolphin Shrewsbury 05/03/2016
Holden’s Red By Night Rose & Crown Ludlow 31/10/2016
Ness Ales Hoppyton Arp Black Horse Inn Maesbrook 25/02/2016
Isca Dawlish Bittter Bull in the Barne Shrewsbury 14/01/2016
Jennings Digadig Red Barn Shrewsbury 13/11/2016
Kelham Island Coffee Porter Rose & Crown Ludlow 29/09/2016
Leatherbritches Ginger Helmet Abbey Shrewsbury 11/07/2016
Liberation Golden Mild Masonic Arms Shrewsbury 14/10/2016
Mallinson’s Pacific Cascade Woodman Shrewsbury 20/02/2016
Muirhouse Chocolate & Orange Mild Dolphin Shrewsbury 07/05/2016
North Yorkshire Prior’s Ale Rose & Crown Ludlow 24/10/2016
New Brew APA Bricklayers (AF) Shrewsbury 29/12/2016
New Brew New India IPA Bricklayers (AF) Shrewsbury 24/12/2016
New Brew New India IPA White Hart Ellesmere 10/09/2016
New Brew Nova Gold Bricklayers (AF) Shrewsbury 24/12/2016
Pictish Alchemists Gold Three Fishes Shrewsbury 24/08/2016
Pictish Little Gem Woodman Shrewsbury 23/04/2016
Plassey Cwrw Tudno Wilfred Owen Oswestry 09/04/2016
Plassey Red Hop Poker Black Bear Whitchurch 27/05/2016
Plassey Red Hop Poker Dickin Arms Loppington 19/08/2016
Plassey Ruddy Rudolf Sun Inn Welshampton 05/01/2016
Robinsons Robin Bitter Olde Boote Inn Whittington 10/01/2016
Rowton 1966 Prince Of Wales Shrewsbury 05/11/2016
Rowton Area 51 Wheatsheaf (Frankwell) Shrewsbury 15/07/2016
Rowton Atlas Fox & Hounds Shawbury 10/11/2016
Rowton High Pheasant Fox & Hounds Shawbury 11/01/2016
Rowton Hookers Tackle Tilley Raven Tilley 18/03/2016
Rowton Hookers Tackle Fox & Hounds Shawbury 26/02/2016
Rowton Hookers Tackle Dog Hangs Well Ludlow 17/03/2016
Rowton Mother Plucking Turkey Prince of Wales Shrewsbury 24/12/2016
Rowton Rowton Galaxy Silverton Hotel Shrewsbury 17/04/2016
Rowton Rowton Galaxy Wheatsheaf Whitchurch 13/08/2016
Rowton Shropshire Star White Hart Ellesmere 16/04/2016
Rowton Shropshire Star Fox & Hounds Shawbury 26/09/2016
Rowton Space Walk Cross Foxes Shrewsbury 30/03/2016
Rowton Star Light Corbet Arms Uffington 03/07/2016
Rowton Star Light Stiperstones Inn Stiperstones 05/07/2016
Rowton Star Light Green Dragon Little Stretton 12/08/2016
Rowton Star Light Old Three Pigeons Nesscliffe 25/02/2016
Salopian Minds Eye Three Fishes Shrewsbury 31/12/2016
Salopian Orbital Three Fishes Shrewsbury 30/12/2016
Six Bells Back To Basics Nag’s Head Pontesbury 11/04/2016
Six Bells Detox Fox & Hounds Shawbury 15/01/2016
Six Bells Revive Admiral Benbow Shrewsbury 31/05/2016
Six Bells ZB Prince Of Wales Shrewsbury 28/05/2016
Slater’s Ultra Montgomery’s Tower Shrewsbury 01/12/2016
Stonehouse Polar Express Witbeer Bailey Head Oswestry 28/10/2016
Stonehouse Ballast Porter Griffin Oswestry 22/12/2016
Stonehouse Ballast Porter Vaults Shrewsbury 24/12/2016
Swan Brewery Cygneture Ale Green Dragon Little Stretton 16/08/2016
Swan Brewery Cygneture Ale Charlton Arms Ludlow 04/06/2016
Swan Brewery Gold Crown & Anchor Vaults Bishop’s Castle 09/07/2016
Target Brewery David Hopperfield Dog Hangs Well Ludlow 30/07/2016
Target Brewery Haughmond Hop Prince Of Wales Shrewsbury 13/08/2016
Target Brewery Wrekin Giant Prince Of Wales Shrewsbury 03/09/2016
Three Tuns Faust Banana Bailey Head Oswestry 17/07/2016
Thwaites Mr John Red Lion Ellesmere 29/06/2016
Waen Lemon Drizzle Bailey Head Oswestry 16/07/2016
Waen Pamplemousse Bailey Head Oswestry 16/07/2016
Wentworth Brewer’s Blonde Crown Inn Newcastle-on-Clun 02/04/2016
Wentworth Flip Flop Coach & Horses Shrewsbury 15/06/2016
Wentworth Hop & Glory Crown Inn Newcastle-on-Clun 02/04/2016
White Rose Hopping Mad Woodman Shrewsbury 16/07/2016
White Rose Ice Maiden Woodman Shrewsbury 14/01/2016
White Rose Yorkshire Rose Woodman Shrewsbury 20/04/2016
White Rose Ziggy Gecko and the beers from Mars Woodman Shrewsbury 28/01/2016
Wood Rebbling Navigation Inn Maesbury Marsh 27/11/2016
Wood Rebbling Abbey Shrewsbury 05/12/2016
Wood Rebbling Prince of Wales Shrewsbury 07/12/2016
Wood Jonnack Dog Hangs Well Ludlow 24/09/2016


The local Brewery taps are not included in this list, they are always likely to have their rarer beers on offer. Such pubs include:

Battlefield – Battlefield Brewery Shop (Shrewsbury)
Clun – White Horse (Clun)
Ludlow – Railway Shed (Ludlow)
Ness Ales – Old Three Pigeons (Nesscliffe)
Offa’s Dyke – Barley Mow (Trefonen) & Olde Vaults (Oswestry)
Salopian – Salopian Brewery Shop (Hadnall)
Six Bells – Six Bells (Bishop’s Castle)
Stonehouse – Stonehouse Brewery Shop (Weston, Oswestry)
The Shropshire Brewer – Red Lion (Longden Common)
Three Tuns – Three Tuns (Bishop’s Castle)
Wood – Plough Inn (Wistanstow)


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